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Where can I find my Plan Number and ID Number?
Explanation of Benefits
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Great-West Benefit ID Card
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If you are currently a Great-West Group Benefits plan member, please fill out the form below to begin the registration process.

If you require assistance, contact us at 1-800-957-9777 weekdays during business hours.

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 Group Benefit Plan Information
You can find this information on your Great-West Benefit ID Card or on any Explanation of Benefits received from a previous claim and/or claim payment.
Plan Number
  ID Number
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(If you are entering the 10 digit ID found on your assure card; example 0000123456, enter 123456.)

 Member Information
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 Dependant Information (Spouse/Partner or Child)
If you have a spouse/partner or child covered under your benefit plan, please enter below any one of their birthdays and their relationship to you. This information will help us verify your identity.
If you do not have any dependants, please continue by selecting "Next Step".

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